A core group of MBSR teachers from the Pacific Northwest attended the Teacher Development Intensive (TDI) in California in June of 2014. There were about 9 people in attendance from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia.   The connections and friendships that were made there lasted, and more connections were formed with other teachers in the region.  


The Gathering -- a weekend retreat just for teachers -- was in idea that took form in January 2015.  We met in centrally-located Dumas Bay, WA, and soon realized the Gathering was something that could, with some care and tending, really grow and support the teachers in this region.  We extended the time of the retreat in 2016, making a day of silent practice together on Friday, prior to more interactivity on Saturday and Sunday morning.  


The Third Annual Gathering took place in January 2017.  It was decided that it was time for the Gathering to become its own entity, with the support of a teachers organization for the northwest, rather than being sponsored by any particular mindfulness teacher or business.  


As MBSR teachers, we are stewards of a lineage and a unique practice.  Our supportive connections with each other not only benefit us personally and professionally, but can only serve to benefit those we are honored to teach as well.


The intentions for MBSR Teachers of the Pacific Northwest are:

  • Discovering ways for MBSR teachers to support one another, creating a culture of cooperation locally and regionally.  
  • Developing personal and collegial connections between MBSR teachers.  
  • Promoting an MBSR teacher culture that values continuing education, sharing of best practices, ethical behavior, and ongoing deep practice among MBSR teachers.