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  • Trained in the MBSR curriculum originated by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  Trained and authorized to teach by MBSR teachers certified by the Center for Mindfulness at UMass Medical School, or the Center for Mindfulness at UCSD.  
  • Have taught at least one 8-week MBSR class.
  • Yearly payment of $75-$150

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You now have the option to post information about your upcoming programs on this website. Please us the form 'Form for upcoming programs' to send in your details.


Why only MBSR teachers?  Why not other mindfulness teachers?

  • The training for mindfulness teachers is not standardized, and there is currently no licensing or governing body to maintain a minimum standard of training requirements.  The training for MBSR is currently one of the most, if not the most rigorous of the mindfulness modalities, stressing the importance of attending silent meditation retreats regularly.  Without the ballast of a strong personal meditation / retreat practice, it is difficult to appreciate and benefit from the Gathering retreat.

Why only MBSR teachers who have taught at least one class?

  • The intention of the Gathering is a “potluck” style of retreat.  We share in the responsibility of leading each other in the practices of retreat.  Each person who attends should have some experience in this (teaching one round of MBSR is definitely enough!) and should be able to sign up to lead something.     

Can I come to the Gathering if I don’t live in the Pacific Northwest?  

  • yes

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Priority in the next Gathering -- your spot is automatically reserved. Your contribution serves as a non-refundable deposit for the Gathering.  Depending on what venue we use, it might be used to defray the total costs of the Gathering, making your registration fee a bit lower, and / or contribute to a scholarship fund.  
  • Access to a members-only area of the website.  This is where you can access information sharing, articles, pictures, poems, etc.  
  • Web presence on the regional MBSR teacher directory.