The Gathering is Taking a Pause

Consistent with our practice, it's time to just pause and reflect.  A survey of regular attendees, members, and interested teachers has revealed that this year the Gathering will not be happening as it has in the past.  What is happening is akin to banking a fire.  There are and will be warm embers to work with in the future when conditions are right for this offering to take place.  


With gratitude for all we've been able to do and all the strong and supportive connections that continue as a result of this beautiful offering.


  • The Gathering is an opportunity to return to the source of our teaching, connect with colleagues in practice together, sustaining a teacher community to meet whatever is around the bend.
  • Our theme this year is Collective Healing and Transformation, making space for conversation and wise action around the racial justice and climate change.
  • MBSR, and other new permutations of mindfulness teachings are proliferating. It is a dizzying array of possible new combinations and areas of focus. We will have some options for break out sessions and topical discussion during meal times. We will also be taking some time to update you on what has been happening with our MBSR PNW organization and future opportunities.
  • Give yourself the gift of your own practice: We encourage you to arrive Thursday evening to participate in the full day of silent retreat on Friday. In the experience to many that have attended the Gathering before, this day of silence allows time to drop deeper into the spirit of the gathering.





3-5 pm check in period

5:30 pm dinner 



5:30 am - 4:00 pm Silent retreat day for attending MBSR teachers. Structured and some periods led by attending MBSR teachers

5:30 pm Dinner



5:30 am - 9:00 pm

Retreat day with practices, sharing exercises and discussion groups and open conversation



5:30 - 11:00 am retreat morning with practices, sharing and closing

12:00 lunch


* The Friday silent practice day has been highly valued by many teachers as a preparation into the retreat setting. It is in line with the spirit of MBSR and was actually started in 2016 after requests for allowing space for reflection before going into the more interactive part of the retreat. 

Lodging and Accommodations


Please sign up through the MBSR PNW website. Space is limited. We will assign spaces first come first serve. Space for members of MBSR PNW will be prioritized until the end of October. After that, reservations will be taken on a first come first serve basis.


Supportive       $400

Sustaining        $350


Deposit - $50

Non-refundable deposit will reserve your space. Remaining balance due by Dec. 1

* If any of these options don't suit your time schedule, or if you want to commute or book your own private accommodation, please contact info@mbsrpnw to discuss.

** Members of MBSR PNW receive a $50 discount for the Gathering.

Volunteer participation opportunity

The gathering is enriched by the opportunity to practice together but also by sharing our teachings with each other. Volunteering to lead a meditation or any other contribution to the gathering is both an opportunity to practice in the safety of our group with valuable feedback, but also an opportunity where we can learn from each other. Contributing in the 'logistical' parts of the gathering is also a way of helping to make the retreat as smooth as possible for everybody.


We welcome and appreciate your contribution to the gathering!  Let us know how you would like to participate.

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